Tuesday, October 9, 2018

How To Resolve Kernel Panic Error After Installing A New Kernel?

Kernel panic after installing a new kernel” is a situation that most of the people (admins/staff) who manages a Linux box would have come across or heard off. So, “how to resolve kernel panic error after installing a new kernelor "kernel panic after system updates" would be the keywords that we most of us hit on internet search engine… Google to check for solution. This happened with me as well, and I had to look out for a proper solution and did a lot of research about this. Hence, I wanted to document about kernel package, prerequisites to be checked before installing a new kernel, various methods used to cross-check if new kernel is successfully installed etc., which could help someone looking out for an answer/solution regarding this. There may be a situation where a system fails to boot into new kernel and shows some other errors and it may not be a panic message.