Thursday, January 17, 2019

Let's Automate System Health Check In Linux

Most of the modern day applications uses virtual systems which are cloud based hosted by some popular cloud service providers such as Amazon, Google, Azure, Verizon etc,. Since these systems are provisioned and maintained by the cloud service providers, the task of a Linux Administrator has gone reduced. Gone are the days when a Linux Admin spends hours of time in analyzing crash dump to understand the symptoms of reboot/crash and finding out ways to tune the system. So, in this virtual world, application vendors doesn't really bothered or interested if a virtual machine crashes, because they get to host the services on another virtual system with absolutely zero or minimal downtime. All such tasks of maintaining virtual systems are done by cloud providers. Hence, from application perspective there are no worries as such. However, there are times when it is required to track/monitor a Linux system health which is hosting some applications.