Sunday, September 25, 2022

Deploy Single Node K8s Cluster Using K3s In 2 Minutes

Yes, deploying a single node Kubernetes cluster using K3s is easy, fast and hassle free. On top of all these K3s is meant for light weight K8s workloads hence it doesn't need much system resources. Anyone who wishes to learn K8s and practice using kubectl could get the K3s deployed on a VM running with 4 GB and practice. The deployment process of K3s is so simple, it is hardly a matter of running 3/4 commands. The Kubernetes single node cluster would be ready to practice in 2 minutes.

K3s is a Lightweight Certified Kubernetes Distribution from SUSE which is open source. Similarly, there is RKE (Rancher Kubernetes Engine) and RKE2 which are also different flavors by SUSE under the open source umbrella. However, SUSE Rancher is the SUSE's flagship and commercial version which supports management of different K8s clusters which can be onboarded from cloud, on-premises or even deploying new K8s setup on bare metal, cloud, or on-premises environments. We can truly call it as K8s Orchestration.