Monday, November 11, 2019

Learn Linux The SUSE Way

Yes, you heard it right. SUSE has been doing a good thing in enabling enterprise sector to be technically capable enough to cater to the needs. That’s right. SUSE has been conducting free technical training plus certifications to partner companies. They also would ready to go to the respective locations of the partner to deliver training's*.

This is significantly a different & great approach when compared with its competitors. Definitely, the company SUSE has been investing a lot on this approach. Anyone who is interested and wish to skill up would certainly could register for required course and start learning. There is also an option to learn online as well. 

This time, I thought of writing something which is not a technical post, hence, wanted to share this good initiative from SUSE with the community.

So, how do I start then? 

All you need is to login to portal with your corporate email address and create an account as shown below (click on Register for Access link). Once this is done successfully, there would be a confirmation email sent from SUSE to your corporate email address which has to be acknowledged. 

What’s next? 

Once an account has been successfully created, login to the portal and go to the ‘Enablement’ section, click on ‘Technical Training’ and select ‘On Demand Training’ depending on which one you wish to pursue as shown below: 

At the next page, select the required technical training track, not the pre-sales one. One could select anyone from the following list:

Later, there may be multiple training modules shown and depending on the one that you are interested. Click on 'Launch Training' as required (select and continue as per your choice; in this example, we’ve selected SUSE Linux Enterprise as shown).

After this, click on ‘Enroll’ —> ‘View Course’

Download Lecture Manual & Lab Guide

There is a nice Manual for each course that student would get registered and also corresponding ‘Lab Manual’ which could be downloaded and available at the end as shown below: 

Is there a hands-on lab available? 

Yes, there is a practice lab which is included in each course module depending on whichever selected. This is really nice. This would certainly give a good exposure for a new learner or a beginner. Since these labs are accessed over the internet, a student who is accessing this would certainly need a good internet connectivity & speed.

*please check out terms and conditions on SUSE portal

Happy Learning!

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