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Red Hat has recently announced a separate and dedicated portal for learning which is :

This is an excellent initiate from Red Hat to improve their and enhances user/learners experience in getting certified or acquiring technical skills. There is a discussion forum as well using which an user can post queries and which gets answered by community members. 

Also, there are lot of technical training videos which are well documented, recorded & technically well stacked which can be accessed using the link:

I feel that anyone which is planning to learn or wish to enhance their technical skills with currently trending streams in Linux could essentially benefit from this. Thanks to Red Hat..... excellent work done....

There is a recent announcement of "Red Hat Satellite Technical Overview (RH053)" from Red Hat with no charge basis which can be access using the link below:

This new video Tech Overview course will provide an introduction to the technology and serve as a funnel into the RH403 course.

List of free (no-charge) training videos from Red Hat:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Technical Overview

Red Hat OpenStack Technical Overview

Ansible Essentials: Simplicity in Automation Technical Overview

Deploying Containerized Applications Technical Overview

Developing Cloud-Native Applications with Microservices Architectures

Virtualization and Infrastructure Migration Technical Overview

Red Hat Satellite Technical Overview

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